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Recognized by the Kansas City Business magazine as a 5-Star Wealth Manager, Ethel is firmly ensconced in the top 2% of money managers in the Greater Kansas City community.

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VZD Capital Management, LLC is a registered investment advisory firm based in Leawood, Kansas. The firm was founded in 2012 on the strong foundational principles of fairness and integrity. VZD is not affiliated with any other company or institution. As a small private firm, we value our independence, flexibility, and ability to make difficult decisions that benefit our clients without interference from a biased culture that so many public firms face.

We treat our clients as unique individuals and utilize a customized investment approach to meet their specific circumstances. You won’t find a cookie-cutter approach here. As a boutique investment advisory firm, we offer service that is personal, private and exclusive. All clients have a direct one-on-one relationship with the Portfolio Manager, unlike many investment firms that utilizes relationship professionals to serve as the primary point of contact for the client.

Our Team

  • Ethel Davis

Meet Ethel

Ethel J. Davis is the CEO and Portfolio Manager of VZD Capital Management, LLC She is the first African-American female to own a 100% of a Registered Investment Advisory firm in the Midwest and one of few within the U.S. She brings 25 years of investment experience from respected firms - American Century, Fidelity Investments, Charles Schwab & Co, Inc., and Paragon Capital Management Inc. Being a fee-based investment advisor, Ethel’s compensation is tied solely to her ability to grow her client’s assets under management.

Titles are one thing; heart, passion and dedication quite another. Talk with Ethel and it quickly becomes crystal clear that while her business is money, her passion passes numbers and goes right to the heart of who she is as a professional, mentor, woman and daughter. Ethel is a financial maven by leveraging her investment experience to understand each client’s goals, objectives, time horizon and emotional state of mind. She makes it her mission to extract their stories, filter the information and then build a customized solution that fuels their dreams, honor their heritage and exceed their financial expectations.

A Five-Star Wealth Manager

Recognized by the Kansas City Business magazine as a 5-Star Wealth Manager, Ethel is firmly ensconced in the top 2% of money managers in the Greater Kansas City community. Putting her own spin on an industry that is traditionally laced with conflicts of interest, Ethel rejects the “cookie cutter” and “predetermined models” or selling commission based products. She builds a strong relationship with each client and is able to advise and build portfolios that truly suit each client instead of opting for products that promise bigger paychecks.

She grew up in a family rich in love but with moderate income, Ethel learned that money isn’t always easy to talk about. Instead of shying away from the subject she embraced it. She studied to cure her own lack of knowledge and in doing so realized that what she really loves is the people and stories behind the numbers. She treats clients the same way she treats her family and friends; they are unique, each deserving, each worthy of her time, attention, expertise and honesty. She believes in everyone, no matter the circumstances, and understands that everyone deserves the chance to create a legacy that honors their beliefs.

Helping You Reach Your Goals

She doesn’t believe in the “one-size-it-all” approach or that wealth is simply defined by numbers. The numbers are derived from their standards of living, dreams, aspirations and even fears. No one legacy fits all. She knows this because she’s living it. She is building her own legacy as her parents’ daughter; a daughter chosen through adoption and nurtured by her tirelessly hard working parents – Virgil and Zether Davis (aka VZD). They instilled a reverence for money and a moral compass that has blossomed into a fierce advocacy for those who haven’t yet claimed their voice. Ethel isn’t a nine to five money manager; she’s a lifelong financial advocate, a champion for equality, and an investment physician who stands ready to serve.

When Ethel talks with someone she touches; she maintains eye contact; she ignores her telephone and anything else milling about her. She focuses, just like her parents focused on her, and draws out the stories and/or history that matters the most. Her most important prize is the combination of putting her heart, hard work and passion in exceeding the client’s expectations. Ethel understands the impact of the recession, greed and dishonesty that has soured most investor’s interest in the stock market. She enjoys educating consumers on how to identify the various elements of Ponzi schemes and how to research an advisors track record. Her trademark is her straight forwardness style of communication and her compassionate demeanor in addressing her clients and prospects – alike.

Ethel would welcome the opportunity to hear your story and explore a potential relationship with VZD Capital Management, LLC.

To learn more about VZD and Ethel, please view her SEC filings online.

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