Understanding Your Financial Picture

Welcome to a new approach to building sustainable wealth with you being the author of your legacy.
Our team starts at the top, working with you to build a complete picture of your financial situation. Using this picture, we work with you to understand your investment goals, current investments, and, importantly, why you chose to make those investments. Not only does this help us comprehend what your assets and investments look like, but it also helps us see where you’ve been, where you’re going, and what it feels like to you.

We utilize a collaborative approach and work beside professional experts to address tax, estate, and business issues that are instrumental in protecting your assets throughout the various seasons of life. The essence of who we are and what we do is evident through the results we deliver to our clients every day. As the fiduciary stewards of your financial health, we do not sell commission-based products or accept any revenue sharing from other firms who might refer prospects to us.

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Your Values

Investment is about more than just money. Your values are of the utmost important to us, and our team of seasoned, professional investment advisors seek to understand you personally. Investments are highly personal, and we seek to understand what is important to you. We work closely with each client to develop plans and investment strategies in sync with their values, and to cultivate a wealthy mindset.

Clear Cut Goals & Roadmaps

When we develop plans, we set clear, easy to understand goals and strategies for achieving them. Using our extensive industry experience and our professional connections with our clients, we build strategies that provide for our clients today and in the future – protecting the legacy they have worked hard to build. As an independent, private wealth management firm, we make all of our recommendations based solely on how they serves your near and long-term goals.

Many people come to us with a pressing symptom, such as feeling overlooked due to the size of the firm or corporate bureaucracy that restrains them from working with the portfolio manager. The investment approach embraces our 55 years of experience from academic and practitioner research from well-known and respected investment gurus. We have been through many seasons of market turbulence, which helps us withstand the various economic cycles. We set out to deliver a more definite sense of direction and calm to our clients to help ease the anxieties and worries that can come with money. We help you navigate through different market conditions and rest easier knowing a plan is in place that ultimately accounts for inevitable market uncertainty. We educate our clients on the many facets of risk – ensuring you are only taking on as much as you need to take, are willing to take, and can emotionally tolerate.

Initial consultation

1. Discovery
We sit down with you and co-author your story by extracting your unique goals, financial symptoms, concerns, and issues around your wealth and life. What are your plans? What concerns made you pick up the phone or schedule an initial consultation? Where did you hear about us? What are you hoping to accomplish with a wealth manager? Tell us about your past experiences? How do you currently address such matters?

2. Building a Foundation
Once we understand who you are, describe or paint us a picture of what the final results of your wealth accumulation will accomplish. Next, we will collaborate with your team of professionals or call in ours to assemble all the moving parts, like tax and legal concerns, risk factors, or special needs to develop a well thought out roadmap designed to move you from the starting point to your destination.

3. Advance Planning
We go beyond the investment process to ensure your estate or succession plan is in good order. Of course, you birth your value proposition and investment policy statement for us to coordinate with your other professionals to ensure there is a transparent process to implement, execute, and monitor. We believe in family meetings to prepare your loved ones for potential inheritances. All of this is done to help you accomplish what is most important to you.

4. Tracking Progress
We review your portfolio quarterly to ensure the asset allocation is appropriate to meet the ever-changing needs of your life’s cycles. Our portfolio manager monitors each account to ensure it is keeping us with the S&P 500 and inflation to protect your buying power. We provide a newsletter to provide an in-depth view of our outlook on the prospective markets, how to save more for retirement, entrepreneur and small business solutions, and helping the charitable and philanthropic community reach their target audience and financial goals.

Professional Networks

Our professionals each have a team of outside professionals to serve our clients. While we help develop your overall financial plan and investment strategy, we also keep a close circle of professionals in related fields near at hand to help you navigate any challenges. Based on our understanding of your financial picture and personal needs, we may recommend you work with some of these professionals as we work with you to execute your overall financial plan to reach your goals.

We serve others with our time, talent and resources

1. Servitude is about thinking outside the box. We believe in meeting our clients, prospects, and centers of influence where they are – regardless of circumstance. Due to our high level of ethics and integrity, we keep our commitments without over-promising and underdelivering.

2. We believe in planting seeds in fertile ground so that every body’s harvest is more significant than the seeds. This is accomplished by our selection of growth and income-orientation investments and assisting you in finding several sources of income.

3. VZD is supportive of empowerment seminars and workshops, changing the trajectory of impoverished or negative mindsets.

4. Our goal is to provide nuggets of information, crumbs from a loaf of bread, seeing yourself in the future due to the purpose of your life.

VZD Capital is a fee-based registered investment advisor.

Our success depends on your success. We do not earn commissions, and we only make decisions based on our extensive experience that we believe to be in your best interests. Our goal is to grow with you in partnership.