Karen Herman - Spotlight

VZD Capital Management, LLC is pleased to be celebrating the induction of Karen M. Herman to the Starr Women’s Hall of Fame. She was inducted on Tuesday, June 22, at the Carriage Club, a private country club located at the heart of Kansas City, Missouri.  Karen has been a longtime mentor and supporter of Ethel J. Davis and VZD.
The Hall of Fame was created to honor women who have made Kansas City a better place to live, work and serve. Karen is one of the founders and the first president of the Women’s Foundation. She has served as a longtime advocate and philanthropist focusing on both women’s issues and the fight against hunger in our communities. She has received multiple recognitions for her work, including the Women of the Year Award from Central Exchange and the U.S. Mayoral End Hunger Award.
VZD honors Karen M. Herman for her continued support, her dedication to our communities and for her membership as part of our small boutique firm. Congratulations, Karen! What a well-deserved award – we are so proud of you!

Karen Herman at the Podium


Karen Herman Hall of Fame

Ethel, Karen Herman and Wendy Doyle 2021

Marvin L. Rollison - Spotlight

Marvin L. Rollison recently released a single named “?What Do You Gain?” available on Apple and Amazon streaming services. Marvin wrote this song after being inspired by meetings on diversity between his predominately African American church and a predominately white church. The words reflect the “signs of the times” with a question: what do you gain by hating me? The culture of the United States of America has been to suppress difficult discussions and paper over wounds that continue to fester from generation to generation – but what do we gain by continuing to suppress these discussions and by not acting to make meaningful change? Wealth, power, self-esteem? It boggles the mind to know that any thing acquired by anyone is only temporary, but its impact can be felt for generations. So, What Do You Gain?

Marvin Rollison

Marvin Rollison