Nikisha L. Johnson

Senior Vice President

Nikisha L. Johnson is a Kansas City native known for executive and legal leadership with many respected firms – Polsinelli, Stinson LLP Law, and Shook, Hardy, and Bacon, LLP. She was the first participant to be selected in the VZD Executive Mentoring Program. The ultimate goal for Nikisha is to become the Senior Vice President (Which she now has achieved!). Ethel hand-selected her to be part of the succession plan. Her entrepreneurial spirit and passion are in alignment with putting the client’s interests first and blazing new trails for the firm.

She continually develops talent and skillsets that focus on the client’s success and channels of partner support. She is now spearheading major strategic shifts for transforming IT from a functional focus to an enabler of innovation for the business, and  for integrating the finance organization so that it supports a truly global company.

Nikisha is a powerful speaker and high energy communicator known for capturing attention with her purpose-driven phrases and motivating dialogue. She is a co-author of “See Yourself in the Future” and other intellectual property that is currently being developed for seminars and workshops.