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By November 1, 2019April 27th, 2020VZD News

The Thrive Awards is unlike any other recognition program. Rather than acknowledging AUM or profitability, it recognizes advisors who are on the way up—those who have proven themselves skilled and ambitious by virtue of three solid years of revenue growth. Why revenue growth? We believe it’s the key metric that demonstrates advisor success in providing services of real value to clients and prospects—and vital to building a sustainable business for the future. The average revenue growth of the 2019 Thrive Advisors was three times the industry average, as calculated by McKinsey & Company’s PriceMetrix.

To qualify for the 2019 Thrive list of fastest-growing advisors, applicants had to be based in the U.S., offer financial services to individual clients, and be free of regulatory actions. Applications were accepted from individuals, teams and companies of all types and sizes—including solo advisors, ensembles, practices, family offices, RIAs and IBD reps.