Registered Investment Advisor

25 Apr 2014

Ethel J Davis is a Founder and CEO of VZD Capital Management, a Registered Investment Advisory Firm located in Leawood. VZD, which takes its name from Davis’ parents is billed as the first African-American, woman-owned investment firm in the Midwest and one of only a few in the United States. She is dedicated to building partnerships and multi-generational relationships with affluent clients.
With over 26 years of investment expertise, Ethel has experienced about everything you could imagine: inflation, deflation, stagflation, dot-com bubbles, credit bubbles, tremendous rallies, and devastating drops. She builds her courage from the ground floor with a no-matter-what attitude to ask for what she wants. Ethel plays “full out” with her courage to do whatever it takes to guard her clients’ fortunes and minimize their emotional fears and concerns. Her core success strategy is developing a solid client relationship rooted in charismatic guidance, a high level of attention and the willingness to go beyond reasonable expectations. Her passion is working with the millionaire next door and educating others to get there. Ethel grew up in a rural community with the value set of working hard, going after your dreams by “going big”, and the importance of relationships and giving back to the community. As such Ethel is actively involved in numerous organizations that support and invest in minorities, women and girls so that they can have the life they’ve imagined. Ethel believes wholeheartedly in lifting others as you climb to your own success. Her belief in transitioning from “recession to progression” fuels her courage to seek membership in Barron’s Top 100 Wealth Managers in the country.

NoMore Excuse Statement:

Courage is having the ability to replace fear with passion and living boldly towards your destination of greatness. There was a time when I didn’t seem to belong to any group. Africa-Americans told me I was too white. White people told me I was too black. When I shared that with my mother, “I don’t fit in,” she said. “I didn’t raise you to fit in. I raised you to stand out and make your own path.” So I did. I forged a new path that led me to birth VZD Capital Management in December 2012 which has over $12 million assets under management. She looks forward to be in a position to lift others along the way.

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